Signs He Loves the Other Woman More

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He's Easily Defensive

Even straightforward questions like what he has planned for after work, why he has been working late, or who he met at a game night at the

country club may put him on guard. Be sure to avoid seeming accusing. Instead, make casual, conversational queries.

Romance is dead forever

The guy's lack of romanticism can indicate that he's becoming intimate with another woman, as terrible as it is to comprehend.

Countless Excuses

Particularly, if he has a lover there who he is keeping tabs on, this may account for his weak and flimsy excuses for being late and unavailable.

His phone is off-limits

Your man may want privacy for boundary purposes. He may be doing something behind your back if he becomes offended that you handled his phone.

He Dresses Differently

Your male partner can be emulating the other woman's preppy sense of hairstyles, colognes, and other clothing.

His Friends Treat You Strangely Now

If you're his priority, friends know about you. Due of our gregarious tendency, your lover may have told friends about emotional affairs without telling you.

He Wants High Privacy Suddenly

Partnerships and friendships should be kept private. As said, it is crucial for a relationship to retain certain limits and privacy.

He Says Her Name

Your partner will approach her introduction in a way that makes it difficult to determine whether the two of them click.

Normally, your guy would mention them when talking about his job or outdoor hobbies.

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