Secrets For Highlighting Your Gray Hair

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Make use of your natural hue as a reference

Natural colour is right. Following one's natural lightness and depth while keeping the hairline bold is the best highlight appearance.

This method will make hair look natural and modern.

Face-framing elements should be included

Your features will determine how you do them.

Gray hair is always silvery and cool-toned, therefore I choose warmer colours as a secondary colour for warmer skin tones and cooler shades for cooler complexion tones.

Consider upkeep and maintenance

For someone who doesn't want their hair done regularly, I'd add less highlights on top and distribute them in the back.

I would add additional highlights to the front and top of the head for a frequent visitor.

Consult a professional

Don't DIY this. Have a hair expert mix in your natural greys to make sure it looks natural and flatters your age.

This will also avoid irreparable hair damage if done by a non-professional.

Improve your hair's health after treatment

Gray and color-treated hair dry and brittle. Thus, you must carefully maintain your highlighted hair. Gray hair is dull, so maintain it healthy and lustrous.

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