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both of you rejects certain calls for attention.

When couples do not spend good time with each other and ignore each other's words, in this way there is a rift in the relationship.

Feeling good for each other in a relationship only takes the relationship further. Saying love you again and again to your partner makes the relationship strong only by feeling something like this.

You never hate

Saying of the couple that they never fight. It means that they do not share their problems with each other. Which becomes a big issue going forward.

Fighting a little too much is also a sign of a good relationship. Because this makes the relationship stronger.

your partner would never do something

Assuming in a relationship that your partner will never hurt you means that you have full faith in him. This could be an idea.

To fix such a thought, you should not blindly trust your partner.

You hide your doubts in  relationship

If there is doubt in the relationship then it should be shared with your partner. If: After listening to this, he gives a satisfactory answer, then your relationship is good.

 eye contact

It is very important to meet eyes with each other in a relationship. Because doing this will strengthen your relationship.

If your partner is avoiding eye contact, then he is hiding something or the other. And you can ask this question to yourself when you do the same.

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