Personality Features of an Aries


The zodiacal year and spring season begin with Aries, the first cardinal sign.

According to astrology, each sign learns from the sign before it, both good and bad.

However, Aries lacks this intuitive wisdom and instead leads with exuberant optimism and an explosive sense of humour that complements their impulsive.

After acting, these Leos ponder, which may lead to terrible lessons. Independence is related with Aries (its opposite sign, Libra, emphasises harmony in relationships).

"Every man for himself" is the rams' code. Aries should avoid being self-centered in their pursuit of success.

This sign is ruled by Mars, the red planet named for the Roman god of war. Therefore, these courageous rams are always ready to battle.

Aries' wrath outbursts don't last long, but it's best to avoid the flaming ram until the smoke clears. When they're not losing it, these bold bulls enjoy life.

Whether they're winning a game, speeding down the highway, or leading a party, Aries stand out.

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