One-Minute Meditation Health Benefits

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Meditation's benefits are well-known. Sitting motionless and quieting your thoughts for a while can decrease stress, improve memory, lower blood pressure, boost your immune system, and more.

In a recent study, persons with anxiety disorders who meditated for 40 minutes per day and attended a two-and-a-half-hour mindfulness meditation class

once a week had a 20% reduction in symptoms over eight weeks—the same as those who used anti-anxiety medication.

If you're in my situation, you'll be interested in a recently published book that says you can enjoy the benefits of meditation in just one minute every day.

We've found that meditation takes time, focus, and effort, which prevents many people from reaping its full benefits. For anxious thinkers, meditation may be distressing.

"Allow what you are experiencing to fill you and develop as you gently exhale."

 Ask yourself what you observe while doing this, making care to exhale for a longer period of time than usual.

"Did you crack a smile? Did you unwind? Did you feel any warmth in your stomach?... Congratulations. You had merely been in awe."

They believe that doing this several times every day for a total of one minute is sufficient to create good results.

Aside from lowering pain and inflammation, the scientists claim that taking time each day to experience wonder helps people feel less lonely, burned out, anxious, and sad.

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