Nails colors you Should Wear With A Pink Dress


This year's most popular nail art style, the French glass manicure, complements every ensemble.

French glass

Moreover, it is flattering on people of all different shades and helps you get a chic appearance that goes well with any shade of pink.


The chic atmosphere it creates will be the great foil for a girly pink outfit.

Denim blue

Wearing this beautiful shade with a bright pink outfit evokes feelings of spring.

Mint green

Your nails will look great with any of these variations on the classic nude manicure: matte, glitter, or embellished.


This design will never go out of fashion and may be worn with a wide variety of garments.

Classic French manicure

Combining grey and pink on the nails makes for a striking combination that is both subtle and feminine.


Nails with a pale pink hue complement nearly any colour scheme, but they really pop with such a pink dress.

Pale pink

Choosing a bright, dramatic pink in comparison is another option for achieving a monochromatic design you'll adore.


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