Most Underrated U.S. National Monuments

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Chiricahua National Monument (Arizona)

Despite its beauty, Chiricahua is largely unknown, even to many Arizonans.

Colorado National Monument (Colorado)

All along this picturesque path, sightseers will come across a kaleidoscope of craggy rock formations, including islands, spires, pinnacles, and cliff faces.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument (Arizona)

The canyon's magnificent cliffs, twisting gorges, and vibrant rocks are the result of millions of years of erosion of soft limestone strata.

John Day Fossil Beds National Monument (Oregon)

This location has one of the world's most continuous Tertiary Period fossil and geological collections.

Fort Monroe National Monument (Virginia)

President Barack Obama named Fort Monroe National Monument in Virginia in 2011. "Freedom's Fortress" attracts history aficionados.

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument (Utah)

The 1.8 million-acre Southern Utah national monument between Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef National Parks has sandstone canyons, plateaus, cliffs, and unusual rock formations.

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument (Colorado)

In spite of the fact that this one isn't as enormous, the tree stumps here are far larger than the ones you'd find in the desert.

El Morro National Monument (New Mexico)

Spanish conquistadors and early Americans stopped at El Morro, and today tourists may view their petroglyphs and inscriptions.

Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve (Idaho)

The park has a range of volcanic forms, including cinder cones and spatter cones, which form later in the volcano cycle.

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