Most Popular Shoulder Length Hairstyles

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A Honey Blonde Shoulder-Length Chop

The beautiful mane is made up of many different shades of gold, and the rounded lob gives the hair a solid base.

Moderately Low-Maintenance Hairstyle

The style is a honey lob with soft waves. You can use a curling iron or a texturizing spray to style your hair.

Messy Hairstyle in the Middle

This short, choppy cut with a middle part has been around for a long time.

Changed and Messy Lob

The lob is a great style for hair that is about medium length and can be changed to fit almost any natural hair type.

Waves of Gold, Neck-Length

Layered, short, curly hair with a touch of blonde can be dressed up for work or worn casually on the weekend.

Straight and Sleek Hairstyle

Want a good frame for your face? Keep your hair smooth and straight. If you want to look even more beautiful—not that you need it—add some highlights with paint.

Brown Caramel Waves

Wavy, dark, medium-length hair is made more interesting with caramel brown highlights.

Haircut for Choppy Waves

When styling thick hair, smooth, choppy curls and a short side part work best.

Flipped-up Mid-Length Bob

It gives your face a beautiful frame, shapes it in a way that looks good on you, adds volume to it, and keeps you looking perfect all the time.

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