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textured cut

that guys with diamond-shaped faces might look better with this cut.

mohawk haircut

Miguel's well-kept beard and mix of a pompadour and a mohawk draw attention to the top of his head and create a pleasing balance.

Long, Center Part

Johnny Depp's wide jaw is subtly complemented by the way his long hair is parted in the middle. You can draw attention to the middle of the face with a moustache.

Swept to the Side

The goal is to give the impression of a wider jaw by keeping that area full. This will make the line between your jaw and chin look rounder and less sharp.

Lengthy Wig

Keep the ends of your hair cut clean, and add some layers that shape your face to draw attention to your jawline.


Diamond-shaped faces should get taper cuts instead of skin fades.

High-Top Flip-Flop

For this style, it's important to find a pomade that gives enough grip without being too stiff.

Elegantly Lengthy

Partially straightened hair can be styled in many different ways to make it look different.


The crewcut is an elegant and traditional hairstyle for people with oval faces.

Which Beard Style Perfect For Your Face?

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