most popular Black Braided Hairstyles

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Side Lean

At the Portrait of a Nation Gala, she wore a side-swept puff and braids with beads that framed her face, so you know she means business.

Perfectly Stitched

The intricate embroidery design is just one of many things that make this debut stand out.

Cornrow Pigtails

The elastics in Leray's pigtails are hidden by small braids. Her baby hairs are neatly put together to update a classic look.

Honey Blonde, Jumbo-Style

The warm difference between the golden brown strands and the chocolate brown hair is brought out by the size of the braids.

Small Swoop

Box braids and curls are pulled together into a sleek, stylish ponytail.


 It shows that braids can be used to make almost any hairstyle you can think of.

Hot Air Balloon With Braids

The front braids, the big, fluffy bun, and the gold wire decoration are all great parts of this style.

Re-creating the wheel

We can only imagine how many bobby pins and cans of hairspray were used to get this style, but Union wears the crown of braided wheels with a grace that is unmatched.

Turn and twist

Martin's braided updo could be the most interesting way he's worn his hair so far.

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