Most Elegant Ankle Tattoos for Women

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Small Ankle Tattoo

Ankle tattoos hurt because there aren't many muscles there and the skin is close to the bone, so small designs are best.

Cute Ankle Tattoo

Little ankle tattoos are adorable. It's a great choice for people who like to have fun. People like puppy, elephant, and panda. Animals that are cuter are better.

Simple Ankle Tattoo

This design is cheap to tattoo because it is small and does not have a lot of shading or detail. Pain is lessened by a quick response. Right?!

Butterfly Ankle Tattoo

Tattoos of butterflies are beautiful. Insects are a sign of life and change. It's a sign of hope, change, and happiness.

Rose Ankle Tattoo

The rose is well-known as a sign of both happiness and pain. The flower is pretty, but its thorns can be painful. This shows that everyone has good and bad qualities.

Sunflower Ankle Tattoo

Getting a sunflower tattoo is a great way to be happy. This flower makes a beautiful ink and stands for brightness and long life.

Ankle Tattoo Cover Up

If you got a tattoo you thought was great but later found out it wasn't, there are many skilled tattoo artists who can do great cover-ups.

Cross Ankle Tattoo

The cross is a symbol of what Jesus Christ did for the world. Cross tattoos can help women remember what they stand for.

Heart Tattoo on Ankle

This design will always look great on a woman who wants a pretty, simple tattoo. Black hearts are a sign of sadness, and red hearts are a sign of love.

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