Most Costly Pizza Chain In The United States

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Oregon has the highest pizza prices, breaking the bank for the most people.

According to data compiled website and app for delivering pizza, Oregon has the highest pizza cost in the nation.

Why does pizza cost different amounts in different states? Obviously, the economy of each state has an effect on the prices of different goods.

States with a lower concentration of pizza joints tend to charge more for their pies since there is less competition for diners' dollar. 

That gives them greater leeway to increase their prices.

People who like pizza usually order the same pie every time. This makes it easy to see if the price has changed.

Because there is maximum demand for pizza in this state, due to this the rate of this pizza is very high.

And there's one pizza brand that really sticks out from the crowd: The most people eat at Howard's Pizzeria,

Pizza lovers may find it difficult on their wallets, but official data reveals that food prices increased by 8 per cent in 2022.

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