Most Beautiful Natural Nail Designs to Try

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Euphoria-Inspired Nails

Try a flowing mani like this with euphoria-inspired makeup for minimalists. Make your own using opaque white polish, a clear base coat, and a few tiny gemstones.

Neutral Crystal Mani

For a quick, no-experience manicure, just paint your nails with your favourite neutral shade and add an adhesive gem.

Simple Smiley

Popular are nail stickers, which are simple to use and are modelled after professional nail art. These lack the time and talent necessary to look like hand-drawn smileys.

Moody French Manicure Design

These transparent nails were coated in black lacquer to create the barely perceptible tips.


If your go-to manicure is light pink, the simplest approach to experiment with nail art is to add tiny black and white dots to the base of each nail.

The Peekaboo Mani

These nails are white, save for a small strip of natural nail. The unpainted band and recent white tint give grown-out nails an intentional appearance.

Pearl French Manicure

Fans of fashion and beauty from Emily in Paris will enjoy these nails. The timeless French manicure is enhanced with pearls.

Futuristic Nails for Mani Minimalists

This trendy, sparkling, yet straightforward silver finish has bold, geometric diagonal lines. It is lovely winter nail art.

Natural Nail Design for Fall

Fall nails that are simple. Without without trying, the brown cuticle dots and accent nail on the ring finger conjure up autumn.

Stars nail design

A daily beautiful manicure. On the hazy pink backdrop, the contrast between the white and rose gold stars is stunning.

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