McDonald's Menu Has a Surprising Addition

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McDonald's revamped their Christmas dessert menu. The brand is bringing back its Holiday Pie to complement their hot apple pie. Holiday Pie, not McDonald's, is back for a limited time.

Holiday Pie resembles the menu's baked apple pie. A vanilla custard-filled turnover pie with sugar crumbs and sprinkles.

Most McDonald's sell this hot dessert for $1.19 and $1.89 as a pair. The holidays make this special menu item cheaper than the standard apple pie, which costs $1.39 and two for $2.19.

The 1999 Holiday Pie frequently returns each year, but you never know if it will be in all locations. McDonald's franchisees decide whether to bring back the Holiday Pie.

If your local McDonald's doesn't bring it back annually, recommend it to the management. If enough customers request an item, the restaurant typically makes it.

McDonald's leads the fast-food business with certain staple menu items. Since 1955, McDonald's legendary fries should never alter.

McDonald's Big Mac features two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, and sesame seed bread.

McDonald's Coke may differ from other fast-food chains. Coca-Cola transports Mcdonald's syrup in a special way. It's shipped in stainless steel tanks.

McDonald's desserts are wonderful when they're available, but they don't vary often. You never know whether McDonald's will offer these Holiday Pies again, so get one this holiday season.

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