McDonald's Menu Adds A New Item

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Mighty may function better elsewhere. McDonald's UK introduced the Mighty McMuffin at November's end.

Australia's breakfast sandwich features sausage, egg, cheese, and many bacon pieces on an English muffin.

"A pig sausage patty seasoned with herbs, a free-range egg, two pieces of bacon, and a slice of cheese served on a toasted English muffin with either tomato ketchup or brown sauce," it says.

Ketchup or brown sauce (the tomato-based sauce in HP bottles that may be obtained in the US but is not part of the local palette) are the condiments available at McDonald's.

The Mighty McMuffin joins a breakfast menu that includes American favourites like the McMuffin and hash browns and UK-only bacon rolls £3.99, $4.82 USD.

The UK branch's Christmas menu, which includes the Celebrations McFlurry and the Festive Pie with mincemeat and custard, launched with the McMuffin.

Despite the other two's creativity, the meat bomb became viral following a TikTok video of a McDonald's worker creating it.

The classic "more meat always!" dispute raged over the abundance of protein-rich foods. Food bloggers have posted films and social media postings calling it the "greatest thing in the world."

Over-the-top combos are meant to do that. Fans see it, discuss if the chain "truly got there" online, and help the company promote.

The Mighty McMuffin's success in Australia shows that hard-core meat lovers can make it successful in shops as well as online.

"These are part of a long heritage of firms producing new, slightly ridiculous, fast food and snack food combinations more cheese, meat, layers, adding sauces," food historian said.

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