McDonald's Adds a New Sandwich to its Menu

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Quarter Pounder sales at McDonald's have increased after the fast food giant switched from using frozen to never-frozen beef in 2018.

McDonald's has launched a burger named Carolina Buckwheat Quarter Pounder.

This burger includes cheddar cheese as well as bacon, fried onions and bbq sauce.

You'll have to go to North America to try this burger, but it's expected to be available soon after testing it in Canada.

Before bringing this product to the market, Macdonald wants to test it in the Canadian market as well as in the United Kingdom.

Now that the chain understands how a tiny adjustment may affect its bottom line, it is experimenting with another Quarter Pounder tweak.

McDonald's U.S. same-store revenue increased 6.1% in the face of inflation and money worries, maintaining a nine-quarter stretch of comp sales gain.

The loyalty programme offered by McDonald's is serving as a "major driver."

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