McDonald is Bringing Back the Blueberry Creme Pie

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McDonald's is discontinuing the Holiday Pie, which has vanilla custard with rainbow sprinkles, in order to bring back the Blueberry & Créme Pie.

This week, an Iowa McDonald's employee posted a Tik Tok video showing the mini pies being prepared and packaged.

In a Blueberry & Crème Pie, blueberries and vanilla-flavored crème fill McDonald's premium, flaky pie crust.

Check with your local McDonald's to verify whether the pies are still available. We called McDonald's to find out which locations were receiving the promotion.

Fans are ecstatic since Blueberry & Crème Pie hasn't been seen since last year around this time.

Prices and availability vary by area, but a single Blueberry & Crème Pie costs $1.29 or $2.19 for two.

The Holiday Pie is one of numerous McDonald's menu items that loyal customers look forward to all year.

The Shamrock Shake, which only appears on St. Patrick's Day, is a cult favourite, and there's a potential that Spicy Chicken McNuggets may return after its popularity in 2021.

Fans are looking forward to the McRib's farewell tour in 2022.

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