Many people believe things that are false and untrue

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Next Tax Bracket Increases Income Tax

If you get a raise that puts you in a higher tax bracket, remember that the new rate only applies to the extra money.

Missing Person Reporting Requires 24 Hours

Reporting someone missing after 24 hours is optional. Yes. Missing people's initial hours are crucial.

Forgiveness and Forgetting Are Family Bonds

believe you're exempt from punishment if you're connected, especially to your parents. Not always. Sometimes.

Good Endings for Everyone

Every narrative with a happy ending succeeds. Nonetheless, this seldom happens. Life's uncertain.

few can beat the mobile game

1% of smartphone gamers have defeated the final boss. Nonetheless, numerous factors impact mobile game performance.

Product Quality = Celebrity Endorsement

 assume a famous person's product is good. Celebrities don't always endorse. Pay or shove.

In Many Cases, Money May Buy Happiness

In some cases money is important but everything cannot be bought with money.

Religion Makes You A Good Person

Religious individuals believe their beliefs and acts are moral. Morality and action require more than religion.

Relevancy or significance of social media personas

A relevant social media profile matches the actual one. Social media only presents a person's best side, therefore it might be deceiving.

Zodiac Signs That Are Attraction Seeking

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