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Now that the Christmas season has here, fast food chains are scrambling to provide their customers a variety of

seasonal menu items that honour both fast food history and fan preferences for the chain's signature flavours.

 And as a consequence, their lucky admirers may try out some very unique and tasty Christmas fare.

A new Gravy Lovers Sandwich is being offered by KFC. Find out everything you need to know about this special menu item right here!

On a potato bun, the new Gravy Lovers Sandwich has hand-breaded chicken, Monterey Jack cheese, creamy mayo, and a hash brown indentation.

Traditionalists will appreciate that their chicken sandwiches come with gravy on the side.

Unfortunately, the thrilling new chicken sandwich is only available to KFC aficionados in Canada. It is not being released to any additional regions at this time.

For just $10.99 CAD, you can get your hands on a Gravy Lovers Sandwich.

Additionally, KFC is selling a Gravy Lovers Sandwich Box Meal that has the new sandwich, gravy on the side, popcorn chicken, fries, salad, a standard drink, and a dip.

The Canadian price for this package is $15.99.

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