Is Diet Coke Bad for You?

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Diet Coke damages your kidneys and gut microbiota, increasing your risk of chronic illness. A 2017 research linked diet soda to renal damage.

Diet soda's artificial sweeteners also harm gut health and raise obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome risk.

The kidneys digest Diet Coke like other foods and drinks. Diet soda can harm kidneys. The kidneys process excessive phosphorus and synthetic substances.

Diet Coke's artificial components cause mild inflammation. Artificial sweeteners alter the stomach and increase inflammation.

Diet Coke's health benefits are limited to being sugar- and calorie-free. Diet Coke includes 200 milligrammes of aspartame, which is 200 times sweeter than sugar.

Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners affect metabolism and appetite, causing weight gain and chronic illness.

Most consumers can drink diet soda in moderation. The Committee recommended 50 milligrams of methanol per kilogram per day.

Regular and diet drinks are unhealthy. Diet Coke carries several health risks, but Coca-Cola does too. Regular Coke's sugary calories raise blood sugar, weight, and blood pressure.

Diet Coke's healthiness is debatable. Because diet and normal sodas include artificial additives, any diet is better without them.

Regular soda has more calories and is linked to more chronic diseases and greater death rates, thus diet soda is preferable.

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