Impressive Qualities Of A Sigma Female Personality

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Not a Social Media Person

They don't find social media interesting or useful. A sigma may have accounts, but she usually only posts about social issues or events and rarely about anything else.

Avoids Drama

Make trouble to turn away sigma women. They'll leave. Sigma women like to deal with problems right away instead of letting them build up and cause drama.


They aren't shy. As was said, they are blunt and mean. Sigmas don't like to play games with their minds or have small talk, so they get right to the point.


Sigmas only compete with other Sigmas. Their main goal is to improve themselves.

Sense of Humor

Most sigma girls can laugh at themselves and have a good sense of humour. Also, they don't tell mean jokes and enjoy satire.


The sigma woman is known for her kindness. She has worked hard and knows how to be nice.

Challenges Authority

Sigma-personality Women work in different ways than men. They would rather work for themselves than for someone else if they could.

Learns from Everything

Everything to Sigma women is a lesson. They make lemonade when things go wrong.

not jealous

Needs are fundamental. It's a person. Unlike other personality types, Sigmas rarely let their "wants" turn into hate and envy.


Change is hard for people, but not for sigmas. Even if they hit bumps, they can change gears.

Special Traits Of A Hardworking Personality

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