Important Conversations To Have Before Getting Married

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You will not repeat the mistakes of your parents

Before marriage, the couple must talk about the mistake that their parents have committed, they will not commit these mistakes.

These things teach you that you should not do the same mistake with your partner.

About your bad habits according to Conflict and Communication.

partners should ask each other whether the bad habits of the previous relationship still come in front of them.

If you want to spend a happy life with your partner, then you must do these things with your partner. The one who made mistake in the previous relationship: Don't be ahead.

What does monogamy mean to you?

Couples may have different views about  monogamy which also becomes the reason for their breakup. He does  hurt the feeling of the couple.

Conversation builds trust between every couple. No one knows the possible situation to come, but every problem can be solved by talking.

What a happy marriage. Your thoughts about it?

If one has communication, compromise, trust, respect, and commitment to his partner, then these are the main parts of a happy marriage.

Make a print of such things that make both of you happy. By doing this, all that will be remembered by which both of you will never be angry.

your expectations from marriage?

Those who are our partners should talk to us openly. With whom I can talk about my dreams, share my hopes. I can share everything else.

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