How to Tell If Someone Is Lying

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Vocal tipoffs

Changes in a person's behaviour may signal discomfort and deception. A mental health newspaper suggests against trusting someone who appears confused, nervous, or insecure.


If someone seems to be missing out important details, they may be lying.


Anxious people fidget. Whether you suspect someone is lying, ask if they are nervous for a good reason.

Grooming behaviors

Lying people may play with their hair, run their hands through it, or touch their lips.

Eye movements

Lies stress most liars. They must analyse what is genuine and make up a story that differs from the reality, placing them under slight strain that may be obvious.

Touching the mouth

Unintentionally revealing that they are lying, those who conceal or touch their mouth with their hands do so.

Throat clearing

Try to ascertain the cause while speaking with someone who frequently clears his throat or keeps swallowing forcefully.

Fixed staring

Some individuals are meant to see blinking, glancing away, and the inability to look you in the eye as evasive indications.


Many liars show uneasiness. Nervousness' indications are obvious. Anxious people may breathe differently.

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