how to make your nails look like french nails at home


A well-done French manicure requires careful preparation of the nails and the white line of nail polish.

Trim and Clean Your Nails

Ethanol or nail polish remover can be used to "dry" the nail plate and get rid of any hand lotion that might still be there.

Hydrate and Buff the Nail Plate

Manicures done in a salon last longer than those done at home because nail techs always use a base colour.

Use the Bottom

After the first coat has dried, put a second coat of paint over the tape and press it tightly to the nail where you want the tip to end.

Tape it up

Use any solid white nail polish to cover the nail's exposure tip.

Color the Nail's Point

To make a crescent shape, use a cotton swab or a fine nail art brush to dab white nail paint into the outside corners of the nail.

Finish the Line

Nail flaws and fading can be concealed by a translucent pink colour.

Finish with a Sheer Neutral Shade

After picking up any loose nail polish with a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover, you should do everything you can to make your manicure last longer.

Apply a little layer of top coat and you're done

How long it takes for your nail polish and paint to dry completely will depend on the type of top coat and nail polish you choose.

Final Look

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