How to Know If Each Zodiac Sign Likes You

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Aries: They start first

You'll always know where you stand with them. They're constantly wanting to have fun, and if you're attractive, they'll want to involve you.

Taurus: They show you love

They may adore doing small things for you. Tauruses love to touch.

Gemini: They are flirty and enjoyful

If they like you, they'll talk. Because they're open, they're gregarious.

Cancer: They invite you first

Cancers get to know you and remember the little things. Even more so, Cancer is the zodiac sign most likely to stay put.

Leo: they impress you in any situation

They adore it when you share their postings on your social media profiles and even more when you do the same for them.

Virgo: opened up emotionally

You'll be surprised by their comedy. A Virgo can make you coffee to show they care.

Libra: They show you around like a prize

Libras want to be with you always. From movie screenings to music afterparties, they'll lure you along. They value deep talks.

Scorpio: They want everything about you

Scorpions appreciate deep conversations about their partners' thoughts. All your dirty little secrets and what makes you tick will be fair game.

Sagittarius: You're their best buddy

They are picky and want to make sure their significant other is perfect for them.

Capricorn: They prioritise you

They are picky and want to make sure their significant other is perfect for them.

Aquarius: they are always around you

Dates with them may be emotional rollercoasters. They like you if they haven't ghosted you after a date.

Pisces: they give you special place in their world

They'll praise your talents. They'll show their affection through flowers, songs, and presents.

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