How Each Zodiac Sign Handles A Breakup

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Aries is convinced that they are the best mate for their spouse. This might quickly evolve into bitterness and

amazement that someone would abandon them after everything they've done, or it could lead to a separation.


Taurus will frequently overlook warning indications in order to avoid a breakup, even if it is necessary.


Geminis split wide open. Their natural reaction is rage. They obsess about ex-partners and claim they should have seen it coming while maintaining they don't care.


Cancers are romantic and sensitive, which makes breakups painful. "Days of sobbing into their pillows" difficult.


To communicate their feelings, they prefer to dramatise it on social media or with friends. They then divert their attention away from their genuine emotions.


They are preoccupied with every conversation, story, and conflict rather than what they should be experiencing right now. They prefer apathy to sadness.


Libras are strong. If they don't bargain or oppose the breakup, they move on to the next person who will have them, no matter how dangerous or doubtful the situation.


Scorpios either ban their ex on all platforms right after they split up or keep them around to watch their every move.


Sagittarius travels quickly. They claim this is a new beginning. To be honest, they might even be able to transform into their "dream" selves.


One half of Capricorns brag about their ex to anybody who will listen, while the other suffers in silence—two opposite sides of the same coin.


Aquarius mourns their breakups secretly in order to keep their calm and confidence. To make matters worse, they hunt for ways to blame themselves and make it their fault.


They feel they will never be able to love again. They will now die alone. They watch rom-coms, listen to sad playlists, and cry while eating tub ice cream.

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