Haircuts for Long Haired Brides for Weddings

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Down With Curls

Although having your hair down is more dreamy, updos are still attractive. For a more consistent appearance, use a curling iron to give your natural hair a bit more definition.

Half-Up With Loose Braids

This hairstyle, which is not your typical half-up, has two haphazard, loose braids knotted in the back.

A Low, Slick Ponytail

This elegant style works equally well with a detailed, lace princess dress as it does with a plain, fitted dress.

Twisted-Back Curls

Look like yourself on your wedding day—the that's only advise you should heed. If you often keep your curls natural, add a headpiece to spruce up your appearance while maintaining your own style.

A Sleek, Wrapped Ponytail

A row of gold bobby pins wrapped around the base make up this accessory for a ponytail, which proves that you don't need to spend a lot of money to have a truly stylish appearance.

A Flower Half-Crown

Your half-crown hairdo will look incredibly romantic whether you use real flowers or an accessory with floral motifs.

Pulled Back With a Crown

Leave a few sections of hair down in your half-up hairdo rather than pulling all of it back to soften the look. Crowns are optional but strongly advised.

A Glam Wave Ponytail

You don't even need a veil with such a lovely ponytail; all you need are some gold accessories and some shine spray.

Polished With Pearl Accents

If a classic and timeless bridal appearance is what you're after, look no further than this sleek, low bun with a pearl cluster.

Half-Up Beachy Waves

Who would have thought that a cheap grosgrain ribbon could have such an effect?

A Brushed-Back Low Bun

Wear your hair in a beautiful sideways style on your big day to please Regina George.

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