Hair Colors
To Pop Your Brown Eyes


The eyes of most brunettes are brown. We can still enhance our magnificent hair. Light-flecked eyes look better with caramel highlights.

use highlights

Highlights that look natural and are easy to keep up will draw attention to your eyes.

To make your eyes look better, do the opposite of what you would do to lighten your hair.

use dark shade

Your brown eyes will stand out more if you dye your hair a very dark brown or black. With toasty makeup and beautiful eyelashes, your new dark hair will make your eyes stand out.

This year, auburn has been replaced by strawberry brown. In this interesting balayage, dark brown roots are mixed with bright red.

strawberry red  blonde

Bright colours make your eyes look better and make you look different. We loved Kylie Jenner's blue hair phase because it brought out her light brown eyes.

consider rainbow color

If you want to stand out, tell your stylist to choose a bold colour from the colour wheel. Try out different shades and colours. Brown looks good with everything!

Blonde hair enhances dark eyes. Her light-blonde hair shows every gold and green spot in her complex brown eyes.

go with platinum

Going blonde, especially for the first time, is a big change, but we think it would be worth it to draw attention to our brown eyes.

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