Hailey Bieber Launched Her New Cooking Series

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Who does not know Hailey Bieber today. She is the wife of famous singer Justin Bieber.

Today Tiktok has become a platform for any breaking news and especially those related to celebrities.

Hailey Bieber has launched a new cooking series on YouTube and her fans are very happy to hear this.

Hailey Bieber named this cooking series of her YouTube What's in My Kitchen? is kept.

In the 1st episode of this cooking series, you can see her making Chocolate Chip Pancakes. 

One of his followers wrote that, "You cook very well and you should do a cooking show on HBO Max."

Along with good comments, bad comments are also coming on the 1st episode.

One user wrote that, "She just wants to show off her kitchen and she is making herself look like Gordon Ramsay 2.0."

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