greatest Tinder pick-up lines that will get you a date


I'm doing research for an article about luxury goods and would love to interview you.

Can I ask whether you landed in a bowl of candy? You're gorgeous, and I can't even.

The world would be a better place if you weren't in it, but a damaged pencil would still be useless.

There is no number better than 3.14 to describe you. Let me know if that's the most corny pick-up line you've ever heard.

Could you please provide a map? Just staring into your eyes made me forget everything else.

How about a time travel, if you have one? Since I anticipate a bright future for us as a couple.

Do you think love can be found with a single correct swipe, or do I need to try once more?

Do you actually possess the passion depicted in your cover photo, or is it simply an illusion?

Do you happen to be a spaceship? Since you just stole my heart away from me.

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