Greatest Haircuts for Each Kind of Face shape

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Bunched Lob

Hairstyles with a lot of texture, like a tousled bob or lob, look good on square faces because they draw attention away from the sharp angles of the face.

Long and Comprehensive

When done right, this haircut makes the head's features look more even.

Slanted Bob

To hide the thickness of your cheeks, use angled bobs that are longer in front.

Curly Bob

The best hairstyles for women have wispy layers, side bangs that sweep out, and volume on top of the head.

Long Waved Layers

When a face is round, longer cuts can help it look more oval.

Deep-Side-Parted Pixie Cut

Most people think that a longer mane is best for a round face, but there are also shorter cuts.

Surface Texture of Lob

With just a little bit of texturizing spray, she can get those beautiful waves in her hair.

Side-Swept, long waves

Putting your hair to the side is an easy way to dress up a more casual outfit.

Bob blunt

The best hairstyles for diamond faces make the forehead and chin look bigger and fuller while smoothing out the sharp corners.

Trendy Haircuts For Long Face Shape

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