First-date Warning Signs for men

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Poor Conversation

If a man is putting in effort to keep you interested and you're not, it doesn't matter how pretty you are or what you do. Probably not.

Unsuitable Topics

A drunk woman talked about her past romances. I asked her why that topic was good. I played pool with the guys instead of finishing the date.

She Invited Friends

her friends ambushed me. I went to the bathroom as we had a great drink and spoke. I returned to find one of her pals in my seat and girls sat around the table.

Frequent References

When she criticises past relationships without accepting responsibility. Family, ex-lovers, or others. They may be setting the stage for recklessness.

Using a Smartphone

Checking and sending SMS on a date are turnoffs.

They Only Want Free Food

I hate deceptive women that want free meals and expensive stuff. need a costly first date. I can take someone to a good restaurant.

However, if I invite someone out and they immediately suggest one of the most expensive places in town. Warning Gourmet only.

She Had a Survey with Him

She questioned me with a questionnaire. After I mentioned something she didn't like, the questionnaire returned.

She frequently complained

Complaint-proneness. downplaying everything. She insulted former coworkers, relatives, and others.

insulting the servers

I waited for her dinner so we could eat together, but it was cold since she was disrespectful to the service and sent it back to be prepared again.

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