Favorite Pizza Chains in America That Went Out of Business

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Pizza Haven

Pizza Haven was started in 1958. Its location is No. 42 in Pizza Heaven's California. Pizza Heaven is a classic occasion for lovers.

After the arrival of companies like Pizza Hut and Dominos. Late 90s Pizza Heaven companies were about to end.

ShowBiz Pizza Place

It was a leftovers-centric restaurant. Which was called Showbiz Pizza.

It was first opened in Kansas City. A show was shown in it, inside which a bear and a mouse were shown.

Happy Joe's Pizza

Happy Joe's Pizza, which was ranked 42nd in Minnesota, Missouri, and Iowa, was one of its larger companies, Dynamic, which filed for bankruptcy.

Unlike Pizza Heaven and Showbiz, Happy Pizza is the only hope left. Dynamic could not afford its high debt.

Pizza Cucinova

Cuccinova Pizza was a company that was very similar to Domino's. whose loyalists disappeared overnight.

All Cuccinova locations were closed without any information. Even the pizza lovers did not know about it.

cucinova  life was very short, due to its minor flaws, it never came back. Its last post on Instagram was posted in 2019.

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