Fast-Food Restaurants That Use Real Chicken

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Chick-fil-A uses boneless chicken for the chicken strips and then fries them in peanut oil to enhance the taste of their flavor.


Popeye is well known for its chicken products. Popeye uses chicken strips for its tenders. 


KFC's Chicken Wings look similar to McDonald's Chicken Wings. These are cut in a perfect shape and it is very spicy and deep fried.


Whataburger is famous for its delicious chicken strips, just like Raising Cane's. 

They offer a soda, fries and Texas toast for $7.99, which is a great deal.

Raising Cane's

Raging Chaney's is known for their awesome chicken strips. They use hand cut fresh meat in their chicken.

Church's Chicken

Church's Chicken's menu includes chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders and bone-in chicken. They keep the taste of their chicken original and it is very tasty.

Carl's Jr.

Carl Jr. Also known as Hardee's on the East Coast.

Whether Carl's Jar. May not have a good reputation for fast food items but their chicken tenders are very reliable and tasty.

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