Fabulous Ombré Color for Short Hair

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Subtle Blonde

This picture, by well-known colorist and stylist Stephen Garrison, shows how a soft blonde ombré can look great with a short cut.

Better Endings

At the roots, the hair is dark chestnut, and at the ends, it is light ash blonde. Even though her hair is only shoulder-length, the change in colour is soft and natural.

Lob Textured

This lob by Garrison has such amazing choppy layers texture at the ends. The Ouai Dry Styling cream Spray is a great choice.

Blonde Honey

This cut is right on the line between short and medium, which is clear. You can't miss out on this texture ombré, though.

Sleek and Straight

Because this style has a blunter cut, you can focus on the hair's surface.

Caramel with a texture

Even though ombré styles involve a change from dark to light colours, the end result of a pixie cut is more like a "tipping out" than a traditional ombré.

Blonde is cool

How about ombré silver-blonde for a trendy winter hair colour? It is cold and crisp, like winter itself.

Cafè Au Lait

This very warm, golden-blonde shade is on the other end of the colour spectrum.

Dark Roots

Lucy Hale is known for having dark hair, but she has recently started to wear her hair in a lighter shade. Her dark hair and thick brows look great together.

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