Early Signs Your Relationship Is Becoming Toxic

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You're always blaming others

Do you find oneself bearing the brunt of the responsibility for marital problems? If that's the case, it might be an indication of worse difficulties down the road.

If your spouse is continuously deflecting or transferring responsibility onto you, it is a symptom that your relationship is toxic.

Your partner scared from your success

If your partner is jealous of you and is constantly interfering in your work, then you should take it seriously.

Is your partner acting out due to personal issues? Will this pattern continue? It might imply a poisonous relationship.

You can't find any type of space

Everyone wants that his partner should give time to him, but if you are not giving time and your partner is constantly calling or messaging you, then be careful.

The level of attention may appear sleek if your new lover is madly in love with you—and it's easy to misread this warning flag.

Your partner is showing too much control

These signs show leadership. These include forcing you to stop activities, visiting friends, changing your look, speech, etc.

Your partner don't feel respected

If your partner is constantly not giving you respect, then it means that your relationship is now becoming toxic.

Your partner will respect the boundaries you create for the relationship in a healthy relationship.

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