Deepest Darkest Secret Of Every Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Google yourself

You often Google and social media search your name. Users will hear what others say about you, but you don't have to change.

Taurus: Binge-watching sappy movies

Users would do anything hide the fact that you love to watch low-budget sad movies over and over again. They're not great, but they're nice to watch.

Gemini: Avoiding group chat

When you're sad, you sometimes turn off your text alerts. The group talk can help you unwind and solve problems at the same time.

Cancer: Public spying

Because you appreciate hearing about others' issues, you can't help but listen. Public confessions may seem secure, but you're constantly listening.

Leo: Reality show behaviour

Can anyone blame you for making up situations for the season premiere of your own TV show? Who can say? You might become well-known.

Virgo: Public reading

Even if you're seen carrying a book while having coffee or waiting for a friend, you likely haven't read a single page since leaving the house.

Libra: Texting your ex flirtatiously

Even though you want to move on, you keep typing that annoying ex. You know better than to try to get back together with an old flame, you'll still have fun.

Scorpio: "Never Have I Ever" bluffing

Your life has been so crazy that you know if anyone heard about it, they would never look at you the same way again.

Sagittarius: Lying to avoid social plans

You are double or even triple booked because you make plans on the spot. Even if you always tell the truth, you might lie when you say you won't be in it.

Capricorn: Shower-singing karaoke

If asked, you get a great voice for shower karaoke. You're a pop star with a mic and speakers made out of a shampoo bottle.

Aquarius: Dinner cereal

You like to act out by eating cereal for dinner. No matter what you like, a delicious bowl of memories is the best way to forget about the real world.

Pisces: Spoofing pets

When you're alone, it's normal to make up silly accents for your pets. You'll never get tired of acting like you can talk to your dogs even though they can't.

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