Dangerous Myths About Unconditional Love


Hurlers wouldn't face consequences. Correct? The majority of people think life has meaning and a purpose, thus there is no experience that is free from all conditions.

Unconditional love is poisonous

Everything has significance according to perception. Conditions favour development and learning.

Love without conditions belonged to infants, not to spiritual traditions. Definitely more of it.

Unconditional love is a get-out-of-jail-free pass

You could lie, cheat, manipulate, take advantage of, and mistreat someone if they loved you without conditions.

"Unconditional love" comes from an unexpected place

Working with the partners, ex-spouses, and adult children of really challenging, damaged people allows me to see the shortcomings and impossibilities of unconditional love.

It suggests that being rejected hurts. because everything should be accepted. It demands blindly adoring the person and their acts rather than just tolerating them.

Unconditional love destroys justice

Relationships are difficult. Setting realistic, mutually gratifying love requirements requires mature, constructive problem-solving in healthy relationships.

You establish recognised situations and negotiate new agreements to foster safety and confidence.

How To Tell If Someone Is Lying

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