Coworkers' Get-To-Know-You Questions

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Please tell me about the piece of advice that has been the most helpful to you in your working life?

What kind of work do you perform specifically for a living?

You're working in a career that's rather specialised; did you go to school for it?

What did you do with your time before you started working for the company?

Which of the classes did you like learning the most?

Who have you become acquainted with if you've been working there for a considerable amount of time?

How well do you understand the tasks that are performed by your coworkers on a daily basis?

Describe the environment of your dream place of employment?

When would you say is the best time for you to get out of bed in the morning?

How do you generally occupy yourself if you find yourself with some spare time?

When individuals come to you for guidance, what are the most common issues that they have that they require assistance with?

Have you established any particularly memorable summertime traditions?

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