Costco's Most Popular Salad Lunch Kit Is Back

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Salad lunch kit was one of the most popular series of Costco and now costco is bringing it back.

In this kit you are given roasted chicken with lettuce and tomatoes.

Costco has now increased the price of this kit as well, now this kit will be 3$ more expensive than before.

Fortunately, the portion is still as large as before. The kit serves one or two people and can be consumed hot or cold directly from the container.

"Sandwiches contain an insane amount of chicken. I bought so much croissants and made more sandwiches because there was not enough chicken for one " one customer wrote.

This ready-to-eat meal kit, last seen in the spring (and on and off since at least 2015), has devoted fans cheering its return, dubbing it the "holy grail" of sandwiches.

One person suggested cooking it for 10 minutes at 300 degrees in an air fryer, while another said five minutes at 350 degrees is ideal.

But beware: Costco has a history of giving and then taking away, so get to your nearest Costco as soon as possible to grab this before it's gone again.

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