Costco offers Shoppers To Buy Mobile Phones Again

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When Costco's cell phone kiosks unexpectedly disappeared, prospective consumers were left questioning if they would need to seek other options.

A new mobile service provider cooperated with chain to fix the issue.

T-Mobile will provide "Ship-To" services, which means that if you sign up for new phones and a new service plan, the phones will be sent to you and will not be available for pickup in-store.

This week, T-Mobile became the official wireless carrier at 30% of Costco shops. Cell phones and internet connectivity will be available in 178 Costco stores.

Costco members who sign up for cell service at their local warehouse will receive additional benefits from T-Mobile.

T-Mobile will forgo its $35 Device Connection Charge if customers sign up at Costco, and all purchases have a 90-day return window.

Costco Business users will soon be able to manage their accounts at T-Mobile kiosks, however specifics remain unknown.

Because AT&T is the exclusive supplier of mobile service at some Costco locations, these businesses may compete for all Costco locations.

T-Mobile workers and enhanced cell phone kiosks may be found at Costco until we learn more about long-term mobile carrier intentions.

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