Costco is Now Selling Their Best Ice Cream

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Dear Costco Lovers! The moment you all were waiting for has arrived. Make space in your fridge or if possible leave it empty.

Costco is selling its most delicious and popular ice cream called "Kirkland Signature Super Premium Half Gallon".

According to Costco's website, the price of 2 ice creams is $ 15.99, but till December 18 you can buy it for $ 10.99 with a special offer.

This ice cream from Costco is very tasty and creamy and it has less than 50% air, which increases the amount of butterfat in it.

"It should be classified as a controlled drug," one Redditor suggests. "Add some organic strawberry jam on top for a mouth-watering celebration."

"In my family, I'm known as the ice cream monster, even if I don't look the part," another user stated. "The Kirkland Vanilla is the finest I've ever had."

This Kirkland Vanilla Ice Cream from Costco is very similar to Trader Joe's Super Premium French Vanilla Ice Cream. The sad thing is that it is not available nationwide.

If you can't locate Trader Joe's ice cream on sale at your local Costco, you can pick up a half gallon for $6.99 at a TJ's near you.

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