Coca-Cola May Contains Toxic Chemicals

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Coca-chemical Cola's research is the latest. In a class action complaint filed in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York,

Simply Juice Brand is touted as "healthy" and "natural" despite PFAS levels "hundreds of times" over the drinking water regulation limit.

PFAS refers to 12,000 per- and polyfluorinated chemicals. PFAS are used to preserve food and make weatherproof clothes, but some have been linked to cancer, liver disease, and other illnesses.

The case asks a judge to provide "economic compensation" to all consumers who "suffered injury" by using Simply Juice products for years.

 The complaint claimed higher PFAS levels in juice-making water.

"In truth, Plaintiff's testing has confirmed that the Product includes per- and polyfluoroalkyl compounds," the Dec. 28 lawsuit states.

Coca-Cola it is "aware of the lawsuit" but "stands by the quality of [its] goods" and "will vehemently defend the charges in the case."

"When the FDA uncovers a quantifiable quantity of a chemical contamination in food, such as PFAS, the agency does an investigation to determine

if the level identified constitutes a possible human health problem and requires additional FDA action," the FDA says on its PFAS website.

Simply, behind Coke, is the company's second-largest brand in terms of revenue and awareness. Class-action lawsuits like these are common.

Coca-Cola also values popularity. Its quarterly revenues exceed $1 billion, according to financial reports.

Coca-Cola has been expanding Simply even after axing over 200 brands in 2020, including Tab diet soda and Zico coconut water.

Last year, Simply Juice introduced hard beverages. Simply Spiked sells 24-ounce solo cans and 12-packs of strawberry, watermelon, blueberry, and regular lemonade.

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