Cici's New Massive Piezilla Is Only a $65 Pizza

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Pizza is the perfect party dish, especially when topped with your favourites. While no one can agree on the greatest topping, most agree that pizza equals party.

The Piezilla, Cici's Pizza's largest pizza, capitalises on their all-you-can-eat pizza buffet.

This 64-piece 28-inch Piezilla is a party centrepiece. It's designed to replace many pizzas at $65. The restaurant-only pizza is double the size of a 14-inch pie. Each extra topping costs $6.

Will this massive pizza sell? Most importantly—is it a decent deal? Facebook has several photos of individuals eating the big pizza, including eating challenges.

Customers instantly calculated the new item on Reddit. Since it's five times bigger than a 12-inch pizza, one user says it's a good value.

"You could purchase nine of those 12-inch pizzas for $62, and have a few bucks left over for a drink," adds another.

Another adds, "Did the math and for 9 12-inch pizzas, it'd be twice the surface area of a single 28-inch pizza."

Others have noted the pizza's undelivery. "How would you fit it in a regular car? Why? "asks another bewildered commenter. Many say local pizza places provide cheaper huge pizzas.

In 2021, D&G Investors bought Cici's after it went bankrupt. The growth of its famous game rooms in 2022 helped the firm. Games now account for 10%–20% of Cici's income.

Since the firm wants to be more than just a food chain, the Piezilla and gaming rooms may improve sales.

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