Who Eat Free at McDonald's

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Warren Buffet

One lucky McGold card holder is Warren Buffet. He got free McDonald's in 2007.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates gets free Big Macs for life in that interview. Gates, a Microsoft co-founder, is worth $116 billion.

Another famous perk—saving money on McDonald's fries—isn't required for Gate's bank account. Gates' free food pass is unknown save from Buffet's comment.

Rob Lowe

Winner, McDonald's supper. "Jimmy Kimmel Live" star Rob Lowe proudly displayed his McGold Card in 2015.

Lowe said his friend's dad, McDonald's franchise owner David Peterson, devised the Egg McMuffin and Ronald McDonald. The actor says the membership only works in Santa Barbara or Goleta eateries.

Lowe said his McGold card was for an unlimited year of McDonald's, so it's unclear if it's for life.

Mitt Romney

Senator Mitt Romney also has a McGold card. Romney said his father received a lifetime McDonald's card.

"I discovered a small paper card, a little pink card, and it read this entitled George W. Romney to a lifetime of McDonald's hamburgers, shakes, and French fries," he claimed.

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