Cardi B Updated a Classic 90s Hairstyle

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Cardi B led us through the American Music Awards last year in several lavish costumes with a dramatic neutral cut crease, thick nude nails, and a blunt mullet that cascaded beyond her buttocks.

This year, the Bronx-bred rapper returned to the AMAs stage with hair that was the same length but fashioned into a spikey '90s-style half-updo with a false side bang.

Cardi B and Memphis rapper Glorilla performed "Tomorrow 2" at the awards event on November 20.

The two were dressed similarly in opposing hues Cardi B's costume was baby blue, while Glorilla's was bright yellow — and both sported straight jet-black hair that dropped to their knees.

Glorilla's hair was simply parted on the side with slicked baby hairs, but Cardi B's half-up appearance was reminiscent of the 1990s.

Her inky black hair was twisted into a half ponytail with the ends hanging over her head. Stylez lightly curled hair tips with a GHD Curve Soft Curl Iron.

Close inspection reveals tightly twisted sections of hair wrapped around each other at the base of the updo.

Her dark hair sparkled brighter than the cold chain that hung around her neck. GHD's Platinum+ Styler was used by Stylez to straighten the hair.

This edgy hairdo was commonly coupled with a short cut in the 1990s, but Cardi B opted inches on inches at the American Music Awards instead, and we're happy.

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