Burger King's New Menu Item Combines Two Major Things

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Burger King, a Restaurant Brands International firm, is changing its menu, although not as much as usual.

The new menu item looks like small tacos, but they're not tortillas. Burger King's new Crispy Dippers are potato-based tiny tacos.

This innovative culinary innovation lets customers scoop additional sauce into their fried potato.

It's not a fry, but it's a fried potato fashioned to retain deliciousness. You can only find scoopable fries in New Zealand.

Burger King's limited-time Crunchburger is a flame-broiled cheeseburger paired with chips. It may sound unusual, but many burger aficionados do it.

This unusual combo is likewise New Zealand-only. The chips are standard potato chips, not flavoured, therefore a mini-Ripple Herr's chip bag is supplied to add as many or as few chips as you desire.

Burger King isn't coming for Taco Bell's tacos. The new menu item resembles Tostito's Scoops chips, but it's not a bad concept.

No other fast-food chain gives free more sauces. Some fast-food restaurants won't provide you sauce unless you ask and pay extra.

Burger King just reintroduced spice, but don't get too thrilled. It's testing Fiery Chicken Nuggets in Chicago. Not all test-market menu items hit the national menu.

Burger King isn't afraid to explore new, odd, and imaginative menu items. Burger King's flagship burger, the Whopper, still reigns high on the menu.

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