Burger King Menu Adds Free Stuff For 12 Days

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For decades, Burger King has trailed McDonald's and now Wendy's, leveraging its boast of fresh burgers grilled over a flame to attract consumers who like smokey flavours.

Burger King introduced the vegan Impossible Whopper. Many diners think the Impossible Burger is a terrific deal.

Vegans must order the Impossible Burger without mayo or cheese and on a clean grill to avoid meat items touching the burger before serving.

Burger King has rallied to introduce new and lucrative products, such the all-white chicken breast tenders.

The "Satisfries," a healthier alternative to french fries, were a flop and were removed off the menu. Burger King consumers want fast, cheap, and yummy, not healthy.

Burger King revived their 12 Days of Christmas Deals. Royal Perks members may access the 12 Days of Deals beginning Dec. 6 using the Burger King app.

Customers receive Burger King-themed crowns instead of points. Royal Perk members receive 10 crowns for $1 spend.

The 12 Days of Deals at Burger King offers these deals for the holidays:

Dec 6: With $1 purchase get a Free Whopper Jr.
Dec 7: Get a Whopper or Impossible Whopper for only $3.
Dec 8: With $1 purchase get a Free Single Croissan’wich.

Dec 9: Whopper Meal for only $5.
Dec 10: Order of $5 or more, get free delivery.
Dec 11: Spend $20 or more get $3 off.

Dec 12: With $1 purchase get a Free Cheeseburger.
Dec 13: With $1 purchase get a Free Original Chicken Sandwich.
Dec 14: Get Whopper or Impossible Whopper for only $3.

Dec 15: Get a Double Whopper and small fries for only $5.
Dec 16: With $1 purchase get a Free Hershey’s Sundae Pie.
Dec 17: On all eligible purchases, Get 3 times Crowns earned.

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