Burger King Launching a New Mexican Chicken Sandwich

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Burger King is about to launch a Mexican chicken sandwich next year.

Now-a-days it has become a common thing that the promotion of any food gets leaked on social media beforehand.

Now the same happened with Burger King when the news of its Mexican Chicken Sandwich spread on social media.

Burger King is about to launch its Mexican Chicken Sandwich nationwide on January 23.

A Burger King location has confirmed that the new sandwich will cost $5.99.

This time we can also see green chilies in Mexican Chicken Sandwich.

One user wrote that "McDonald's double cheeseburger which is being sold in New Mexico has green chilies in it, so will Burger King do something like this."

Burger King's Chicken Sandwich was a very favorite item and was introduced in 1978.

In this original chicken sandwich, we get to see mayonnaise, crisp lettuce, and a long sesame seed bun.

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