Burger King Is Bringing Back Popular Burgers

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Today Burger King will serve pound-burgers. The Burger King Quad BK Stacker includes over a pound of meat, including bacon strips, between its two buns.

In 2023, Burger King added three Stackers sandwiches, including the Quad Burger King Stacker.

Two-patty, four-cheese Burger King Stackers are available. These burgers have two or three meat patties with American cheese slices.

15 years ago, Stacker burgers, including the Quad, debuted. Muscular burgers and other outlandish dishes attracted 18-to-24-year-olds in the late 2000s, increasing sales.

After slipping behind Wendy's as America's second most popular brand in 2021, Burger King started its "Reclaim the Flame" campaign last year to elevate its burgers.

Wendy's offers three-patty burgers with different toppings and buns, but no four-patty ones.

Reddit users are excited to try the burgers again after college. Inflation may make the Quad Stacker, with its large meat capacity, $20.

Nutritional and cost information for the Stackers is not yet available on Burger King's US website.

Stackers claimed that the Quad had about 1,000 calories. In-n-Out 4X4 burgers have 1,050 calories.

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